Saturday, January 31, 2009,

hey guys,

PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE be reminded to bring your TIME mag on mon, for GP. if not you'll probably have to photocopy(waste money, again) whatever article we're going to do.



9:40 PM

Wednesday, January 28, 2009,


Click the class picture below for the link to 40+ CNY street market pictures! :) Love the pics coz they're so red :D

Have a good year ahead :]


11:06 PM

Tuesday, January 27, 2009,

hey guys, now that we're all relatively richer, it's time to spend some of that money!! x)

i'll be collecting $37.60 from those who've ordered TIMES mag on thurs/the fake mon . there will be 34 issues (based on my unreliable memory) and plsplspls do try to pay up asap!!! not good to owe people money during the 10 days of CNY you know... heh.

see you guys soon! enjoy whatever's left of the new year's break. it'd be many many weeks before we get another day off. ahah. that's life for us. (sigh)


11:53 PM

Friday, January 23, 2009,

Hello people!!!

yeah! Here are the pictures which we took in the morning:D
May u guys receive many many hongbaos =) Hehe. Have a happy new year!!! :D
With love,

11:36 PM

Wednesday, January 21, 2009,

恭喜发财to those who volunteered to get stuff for CNY Street Stall on Friday!(:

Just a gentle reminder:
1) Tongs X2 - Sara
2) Scissors X3 - Jolene, Bella, Eleanor
3) Satay sticks - Xiuqi
4) Plastic bags - Yujie, Juat
5) Aluminium trays - Huiqi

Yeps, so that's about it. Hope we earn $$$! 见钱眼开! HAHAHA.

9:08 PM

Thursday, January 8, 2009,

Hello people!

Guess you guys must be eager to know who our CT and subject tutors're right!
Okay, maybe you've already found out, but still.. I'll post it here.(:

CT: Miss Lin Run'er

GP: Miss Lin Run'er
Biology: Mrs Foo Lam Woon Keat, Mrs Toh-Lim Hui Ni
Chemistry: Mrs Lim-Kong Lei Zun Jolin
Math: Mrs Yap Ng Ee War Jasmine
Economics: Mr Chris Ho Meng Yee

Oh and do go to SMB to check for announcements!(:

Seeya soon!

1:30 AM

Wednesday, January 7, 2009,

(Photographer: Juat!)


Hahaha hello people!(:

Think you guys must've forgotten that we even've a class photobucket account, tsktsk! Username and password're same as blogger. And well, if you don't even rmb these.. you oughta shot yourself in the head. come ask me!(: Be an active class member - blog and upload photos! No participation points lah, but c'mon man, this's gonna be our last year together! Haha.

Any photos'll do, really. Be it class photos or shots of others taken on the stealth or even pictures of yourself! We'll needa come up with a class montage at the eoy for Graduation I think, so yeah.. We needa take more photos cos we've very few. ): Ohoh, so please help to take pictures of classmates who're sleeping during lectures or tutorial!(: Ehh take first then wake them up, the teacher won't care one lah.O: Hehe.

Oh and I've sent the class contact list to your mail. Please take the time to update it and send it back to me asap, Thanks!(:

Okay, so this's the last week of hols, must jiayou for your homework okay! Haha spoiler indeed, but still, it's important!O: Hahaha.

See yall real sooooon!(:

3:31 PM