Wednesday, January 30, 2008,

hahaha i know im supposed to be doing ILP, but i was bored.

anyway, im here to ask for photos! :D those who have photos of the class please send to me! so i can upload up here or you all can just upload yourselves too! :D (especially Juat!)

okay i got nothing to say. just wanted to write sth so that the blog doesnt look that empty!

OHYAH! just to inform everybody! WE HAVE A CLASS BIRTHDAY! :D

its on 7th APRIL! cause 7A! hahahah. Its a Monday, maybe we can celebrate it on sun or sth! :D YAY! LOVE CELEBRATIONS! :D

okay i think i better go back and do ILP, if not my group is going to kill me!

cheers, YUJIE

P.S. i just created a photobucket account for the class to upload photos! the username and pwd is the same. Just go in whenever you like and upload MANY MANY photos! :D

8:37 PM