Saturday, May 31, 2008,





Once again, class outing FAILED! Boohoo! ):
Sorry ah..O: Nvm, EOY chalet's gonna be a blast boy! IDC, yall must come hoh!XP Hehe.

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Sunday, May 18, 2008,

HELLO fellow chromosomes!-.- HAHA.

Okay so basically, uhm we're privileged to have been selected (I think is more of sabo loh, tsktsk haha!) to show the people in the audi the process of meiosis during Bio lecture on Tuesday.

Here're the following people involved:

Sister chromatids
01. Pak & Shihuan
02. Bryan & Yurong
03. Ruixian & Yihang
04. Steffi & Heather
05. Juat & Eleanor (It's supp to be Bella & Sara, but Bella can't make it, so we'll just do a swop. Hope you guys're cool with it.)
06. Yujie & Huiqi (GRRR! JAJA ask me go volunteer ppl in the end sabo me, tsktsk bleah!)

01. Zonking & Yutung
02. Laypeng & Xiuqi
03. Penny & Elaine

Yeps, so uhm we're supp to read up on meiosis lah. But honestly right, I think they'll tell us what to do one lah cos they also won't want us to show the ppl all the wrong things then confuse them. HEHE.XP

With love,
Sister Chromatid!-.- HAHA

1:33 PM

Saturday, May 17, 2008,

hey guys!

Just to let those of you who might be interested but have not heard about it yet, GeFang will be having a Preview concert at TAMPINES MALL at 1430h and at JURONG POINT at 1800h tmr!!! haha. the entire event will last about 1hour, and ehhh steffi, i'm not sure if there will be seats leh.

anyway, the performers will include mostly GeFang members and some talented students from MusicClinic (by ChenPeter laoshi for those of you who watch JueDuiSuperstar). ALSO, if you should go down too, if you want to see how much the winner of CampusSuperstar 1 has *ahem* changed over these years. haha. yes, he will be a guest performer there. ok. i think i will have to remove this post after tmr, just in case...><

sorry, i know this is (quite)shameless publicity, but we really hope that you guys can come down and support this event! also, hope that you guys will be able to donate 10bucks to the cause, all your proceeds will go to ACRES, which is the beneficiary org. that one of our PW groups are working with. you'll get a free goodie bag with lots and lots and lots of discount vouchers and products for that!

ok, enough said. ta ta for now!!! hope to see you guys tmr! xD

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Saturday, May 10, 2008,


We needa come up with a module to do for GEMS.

Here're the suggestions that have been given:

- bollywood dance
- tarot cards
- archery
- pool
- soccer
- magic illusion
- love language
- chocolate making

Any more ideas as to what we can do!(: Haha.

I was thinking maybe we can try to do it during June Hols or sth cause I think Term Three'll be super hectic cause of Blocks and the teachers're most prob gonna drive us crazy with all the mad rush to complete syllabus in time for Promos and all?O: Haha.


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Friday, May 9, 2008,


I have not blogged for a very long time and so I decided to come and blog since I am feeling bored. :)

Actually I have no idea what to say, but I just want to come and talk or rather blogged. Okay, I think that the survey was funny but random and mojojojo (who I think I know who you are) is lame! :P

But it is providing entertainment to our quite dead blog so I beseech you to continue! :D

Maybe you can make it into a monthly survey thing or weekly quiz thing.

Also, from your survey, I get the feedback that our blog skin is old and uninteresting and the music is irritating. So, your dear InfoComm Rep is going to search for a new and nicer skin. Await the new skin!

Another thing I want to say is that hope that everybody get into the sabbactical they want! Tomorrow morning is the result! :D GOOD LUCK! okay, I ran out of topic to talk about, so I shall end here.

Thanks for having the patience to read through this blog post without substance. :)

Yours Sincerely,

10:12 PM

Thursday, May 8, 2008,

Mysterious Mojojojo RETURNS!!!

Ok 21 person attempted the survey. Mojojojo shall just announce the more interesting results:

Favourite subject, based on percentage of SA:

#1 Biology - 36%
#2 Econs - 18%
#3 Maths - 18%


Most hated subject:

#1 GP - 18%
#2 Chem - 9%
#3 Chinese - 9%

Favourite tutor:

#1 Chris Ho - 36%
#2 Mrs Yap - 36%
#3 Widjaja - 27%

Most hator tutor:

#1 Jolin Kong - 0%
#2 Ms Tan - 9%
#3 Tan Yang - 18%

This survey is fun: 27% SA 55% SD

The cutest girl in this class:

PAK CHUEN - 100%

Wow, whoever she is, she must have a nice boob =)

The nicest guy in this class:

PAK CHUEN - 100%

Wow, whoever he is, he must have a nice d**k as well =)

Mmmm. What a fascinating creature. Maybe this creature PAK CHUEN is able to undergo asexual reproduction!!

- Mysterious Mojojojo

7:48 PM

Sunday, May 4, 2008,

Hey guys!! Take a class survey =)

View Survey

Results shall be announced when I feel like it.


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