Monday, February 4, 2008,


Finalised details for tmw's CT REUNION DINNER!(:
Venue: Mad Jack
Meeting time: 1830
Meeting place: CT Bench
Try your best to make it okay! It's our FIRST CT OUTING eh!O: Haha.

Anyways, I've made reservations for 30pax, so no worries about not having a place to sit and all.(: Just bring enough money, cause you don't wanna end up washing dishes eh? HAHA!-.-
Oh and I've also asked Mabel to invite the seniors along. The more the merrier!(: Yay.

We'll be selling Muahchee! I've ordered 6kg of the ready-made ones and it comes with the peanut mix and all. Yeps, so saves us a lot of trouble. Haha.O: But I'm kind of afraid that 6K's too much? Cause there're three other stalls selling Muahchee as well eh.:/ Hm, if there's really surplus, HELP TO FINISH IT OKAY! HEHE.O:

Uhm it's almost done. And honestly, I think it's pretty cool. Abstract art again! HAHA.-.-

So the mahjong table's done. It's quite interesting, really. And if you don't know how to play mahjong, we can teach you in school! HAHA.-.- We'll be working on the next bench tmw, as well as the putting up of the various other decos. So stay back if you can!(:

Most importantly, thanks to those who stayed back to help out today as well as the others who contributed in one way or another!(: Yay.

8:10 PM