Sunday, February 10, 2008,


i am feeling very bored now. so i have decided to come up with suggestions for ct outing!

okay ct outing i think we should go BICYCLING! :D

i realised that bicycling is good! we should like rent double bikes. or maybe we can skate. then after that we can have picnic!

isnt that such a good idea?

then east coast got a damn big arcade! got bowling too! such a good place to go to!

who lives near there? please tell me! then we can arrange to put our bags at the person's house or sth? or maybe if you live near there and can manage to get a bbq pit we can bbq! :D

isnt that damn fun! :D

if you all don like east coast, we can go west coast or pasir ris park or bishan park?

it is such a good idea lah. i cannot believe myself! i thought of such an EXCELLENT idea! :P

okay that is if there's no rain on that day. if there is rain, we can just go somebody's hse to play cards or some games! or maybe go shopping?

okay i don have good idea for bad weather. anybody has any please tell me! :D

okay i have no idea what to say anymore.

ohyah! i heard that got classes earned 100 plus or 200 plus for the street market thing leh! damn zai lah! but we not bad already. cause i also heard that got classes earned like 2 bucks or 20 cents one. hahahaha so we are actually not bad! quite zai too! :D CHEERS for our class!


P.S. the forfeit's deadline was last friday! so NO MORE forfeit! :D :P

1:17 AM