Tuesday, February 12, 2008,

YOYOYO! 08s7a paparazzi is here again!

after a few weeks (actually only 2) of observations, we have a new finding!

CATS LIKE TO SLEEP DURING ECONS LECTURE! and only during econs lecture!

Evidence 1:

our welfare rep! occasionally he does his job and holds the door open for us. but sometimes (most of the time) he forgets he's a guy and doesnt hold the door.

Evidence 2:

our estate management rep! so far he hasn't cleaned any whiteboard i think. this cat has unique taste and likes... *drumroll* HILLARY DUFF!

Evidence 3:

our MUGGER KING! as u all can tell. since burger king sells burgers, mugger king sells MUGS! mugger king cat likes to bake and do all flirty stuff! he is also our chem rep!

we shall have our once-in-a-blue-moonly quiz!


QN: What kind of fight is it when shihuan, yurong, and ruixian fight?

ans: CAT fight!

8:41 PM