Wednesday, February 27, 2008,


We have an annual inter-ct blogging event coming up! From today till 19th March, the judges of the competition would be looking at our blogs and decide which class has the best blog.

Below are the information about the competition:
Theme: Live with Passion
(showcase how your classmates and teachers live life to the fullest
and with passion... study with passion, play with passion, dance
with passion...)

Prizes: S$1,000 worth of meal vouchers!
This sum is divided into the following:
1st: S$400
2nd: S$300
3rd: S$200
4th: S$100
Judging Criteria - CAP:
1. C for Content/Thematic Coherence (50%): i.e. Showcase how
you “Live with Passion”
2. A for Aesthetics (20%)
3. P for Participation (30%)

Students’ Preparation – 27th Feb (Wed) to 19th March (Wed)
Competition ends on 19th March 2359h
Judging of Blogs in phases before and after closing date
Results on 1st April (Tue)
Judges’ Decisions are final.

those words highlighted in red are the more important stuff! REMEMBER THEM! :D
EVERYONE MUST PARTICIPATE K! we can get seniors or teachers to blog too, according to the teacher-in-charge, it will help. plus we can link with other classes or sth,

And cannot anyhow blog! if not i will delete your post! AHAHAHAH! (evil laughter) okay anyway, you all must blog according to the theme!
but i think we should all discuss as a class as to what sub-theme we want and then everybody blogs according to that theme! :D
damn cool lah! :D

ahahah okay so LET'S BLOG! :D

love, from your beloved info-comm rep! :D

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