Sunday, February 10, 2008,

Hey people! We need to've our JTS real real soon!O: Haha.
Okay, that time I asked around right, most people said they can make it on 17Feb (sun). But I'm not so sure if as many ppl can still make it now.
Here're the suggested dates:
School Term
17Feb (Sun)
24Feb (Sun)
2Mar (Sun)
March Hols
Time & Activities
Time: late afternoon to night (it'll end early cause we've got to go to school the next day:/)
Activities: dinner, games
Fri & Sat
Time: whole day! (hopefully lah, haha)
Activities: hm, we can go ecp or sentosa for bbq, play sports or suntan-.-
OR go town slack, catch a movie, play pool and dine
OR chalet?
NOTE: All these details are NOT confirmed! I need to know when you guys're free!O:
Hm, fris and sats during sch term are def out, cause HuangCheng ppl'll most prob be unable to make it. And we've got like 7-8 of them in there!:/ So yeah.
Suns're the best days to organise jts during the sch term cause most ppl can make it. So I'll try to fix it on suns.
But if we really can't organise it during the sch term due to everyone's busy schedules, various committments and all, we'll put it during the March Hols.
Yeps, so much for the update on JTS. Haha. Just to assure you guys that it's NOT DEAD!(: Yay.
Paiseh ah. And I promise that we'll've a SUCCESSFUL CT OUTING soon too okay!(:

10:18 PM