Tuesday, February 12, 2008,

Yo ppl,

i realized something, that is the nanyang ppl always like to bully cats. Anyway, we three from CATHOLIC HIGH is so sad. Always kena bullied. Firstly is embarrassment where we have to do the chipmunk dance in front of many ppl? coz of shi huan lor. And now we are humiliated again by the 08s7a paparazzi. I WAN THE PAPARAZZI TO DISBAND!!! grr

That aside, (cool down) i have set up a yahoo group where we can post pictures, files and discuss stuffs instead of always using the tagboard. So do join ppl. The invite is sent to ur email, but i think it has been classified as "junk mail". If cannot, the link of our cool group is here :

Quick join and post stuff. YAY!


10:10 PM