Sunday, February 10, 2008,

Yo ppl!

i think yujie had a GREAT idea man. But before we decide where we wanna go, we have to know when is everyone free, coz our class seem to be very busy ppl lol. i believe huang cheng have their trainings on sat too, and weekdays are impossible for big nice outings. So, only Sundays are left. Since it is juz after cny, can we have our outing on 2nd Mar or 9th Mar? Anyone not free on these two days?

i feel that it is gd to have a class outing before Mar holidays coz after that we are all going to be very very busy with cca, studies etc. And anyway we haven have a proper class outing yet! This cannot be the case man. so ppl quick tell me if u are not free on those days so that i can start planning... or else i will be SACK!!! (acutally i dun mind haha)


p.s. i nid to recruit members for the welfare committee coz i am bad at doing these stuff, so volunteer pls, help ur poor welfare rep. haha (yujie is in le, no choice coz u got the idea! XD)

9:11 PM