Tuesday, February 5, 2008,

YOYOYO! the 08s7a paparazzi is HERE! HERE! HERE!

check out our latest videos to let you know more about a certain member of the class.


and to reward him for his efforts, we have a recording specially dedicated to him!


I CANT POST THE RECORDING. If u are interested in listening to the latest IN THING, do tag on the board. the 08s7a paparazzi will gladly send it to u :) we emphasize not only on the quality of our reports but also on the service we provide. WE LIVE TO DELIVER (not babies of course).

In other news,

LIM RUI XIAN is now officially DFY-ed in the class. this is because of various possible reasons.

We shall now conduct our OIABM (once in a blue moon) quiz! the moon looks really blue today!

Q: Why are we going to DFY ruixian?
1) he 重色轻友
2) he 重og轻ct
3) all of the above

Attractive prices to be won!

and HAPPY NEW YEAR! jiayou for selling muahchee tmr :)

joke of the day:
who kissed chee?
eat! Because eat MUAH chee.

10:49 PM