Saturday, March 8, 2008,


Date: 20Mar (Thurs)
Time: Report at usual time for school
Attire: Fac shirt + pants (for the guys)/ skirt (for the girls)

Organisation: Whispering Hearts Family Service Centre
Activity: Carnival
Venue: At the centre itself
Time: 1000 - 1400
Audience: Students (5-12 years old) studying at the centre and the public
Budget: $100 (but we can fork out our own money in addition to the budget tho)

What we can do:
01. Set up and man stalls at the carnival - foods, drinks, souvenirs etc
02. Put up performance - magic show, singing of children songs, skits, dancing etc
03. BOTH! Haha!

Spam the tagboard with suggestions or mail them to me by this Sun! Haha. Xiexieni!(:


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