Thursday, March 6, 2008,

Random random random! I think our class guys're like super BOLIAO lah! HAHAHA.

Okay, guess what they're attracted to? Nah, not a hot babe, it'd've been more normal if they were more interested in one. They're looking/ playing/ analysng AN ANT! A FREAKING ANT! Damn it.O: So no life right?:/ Tsktsk people! HAHAHA.

Yo, what's up dude! Showcasing the ARES SPIRIT! BOOM SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE THE ROOOOOM! Haha!XP

Sibeh act cute lah! TSKTSK.O:

Eh.. Zonking Angel?O: HAHAHA!

Okay that's all I'm gonna post.

NOTE: The above photos were taken using Huiqi's phone but NOT by her!O: She's innocent, so don't kill her okay!(:

8:22 PM