Sunday, March 2, 2008,

Boy, time flies man! We're like going into WeekTen now. And everyone's like DYING. From all the tests, homework, CCA & all.O: Let's see..
ZONKING out.. As usual. HAHA!XP

MuggerKing SLEEPING during Econs lecture?!
YES people, this picture is evidence! Haha!

Moooooo! I wanna SLEEP.
(Go sleep PennyMoo, then no one niao me. HAHA.:/)
Okay, we're down to the LAST WEEK. Go people! JIAYOU JIAYOU!(: We will survive man!
If you really need motivation, go listen to the song "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gayner. Nice song!(: Tho it's pretty much uhm, a love song..O: But then again, some ppl (ahem ahem) in class'll need all the courage in the world to take the first step towards a budding romance.. Lalala. HEEHEE!XP

12:52 PM