Monday, April 28, 2008,


It's CSM this Wed. (Tsktsk, they kope our shortest day lah. Bleah!O:) Report at terraces at 0715 in Fac Shirt and pants/ skirt. It'll end at around 1100.

And after 1100..

IT'S CLASS OUTING!(: Yayee. Uhm I'm thinking maybe we can hang out in town? Tho I think many ppl'll hit that area.. Are there any suggestions? Haha!

We'll prob lunch and perhaps catch a movie or go arcade or idk just walk around bah..? See how things go first!

Come lah come lah! The next day's a public holiday leh!(: Hehe. And right, we've not'd a successful class outing so far leh..): Haha. So let's all go on wed okay!(: Hehe.


6:18 PM