Saturday, May 17, 2008,

hey guys!

Just to let those of you who might be interested but have not heard about it yet, GeFang will be having a Preview concert at TAMPINES MALL at 1430h and at JURONG POINT at 1800h tmr!!! haha. the entire event will last about 1hour, and ehhh steffi, i'm not sure if there will be seats leh.

anyway, the performers will include mostly GeFang members and some talented students from MusicClinic (by ChenPeter laoshi for those of you who watch JueDuiSuperstar). ALSO, if you should go down too, if you want to see how much the winner of CampusSuperstar 1 has *ahem* changed over these years. haha. yes, he will be a guest performer there. ok. i think i will have to remove this post after tmr, just in case...><

sorry, i know this is (quite)shameless publicity, but we really hope that you guys can come down and support this event! also, hope that you guys will be able to donate 10bucks to the cause, all your proceeds will go to ACRES, which is the beneficiary org. that one of our PW groups are working with. you'll get a free goodie bag with lots and lots and lots of discount vouchers and products for that!

ok, enough said. ta ta for now!!! hope to see you guys tmr! xD

9:00 PM