Sunday, May 18, 2008,

HELLO fellow chromosomes!-.- HAHA.

Okay so basically, uhm we're privileged to have been selected (I think is more of sabo loh, tsktsk haha!) to show the people in the audi the process of meiosis during Bio lecture on Tuesday.

Here're the following people involved:

Sister chromatids
01. Pak & Shihuan
02. Bryan & Yurong
03. Ruixian & Yihang
04. Steffi & Heather
05. Juat & Eleanor (It's supp to be Bella & Sara, but Bella can't make it, so we'll just do a swop. Hope you guys're cool with it.)
06. Yujie & Huiqi (GRRR! JAJA ask me go volunteer ppl in the end sabo me, tsktsk bleah!)

01. Zonking & Yutung
02. Laypeng & Xiuqi
03. Penny & Elaine

Yeps, so uhm we're supp to read up on meiosis lah. But honestly right, I think they'll tell us what to do one lah cos they also won't want us to show the ppl all the wrong things then confuse them. HEHE.XP

With love,
Sister Chromatid!-.- HAHA

1:33 PM