Sunday, August 10, 2008,

Hello people!

Tho we didn't get into The Red Knight, I must thank all those who have put in effort for the audition in one way or another. Here's the video, sit back relax and enjoy!(:

(P.S Steffi, Shihuan, Yihang, Zonking, Joelynn, please don't kill me. It's uhm uhm.. good publicity for yall!O: Hehe. Oh and pardon me for my shaky hands, tsktsk haha.:/)

Our class really has many talented singers lah! Should go form a band or sth, haha!xp

And I know that many of you're eagerly waiting to visit Mrs Yap and her baby at her house, but people be patient okay! Hahaha. Mrs Yap says that we can go to her house sometime nearer to the last day of school this term or during the sept hols. Also, she'll go to sch sometime after one month, so we can meet up with her then.(:

Sighs, tmw's like the last day of our not-exactly-very-long break. So people, enjoy!(: Hehe.

8:47 PM