Wednesday, August 20, 2008,


im here to revive the blog AGAIN.
okay, today was an okay day.

I am happy as my group has won the debate for our motion! due to my good common sense of absorbing bryan into our group, as he along with sara and the rest of us (bella, xiuqi, laypeng and of course me!) have good dynamics and worked as a group (hahaha, i think we discussed it for like 5 minutes?) and mrs tan says we have cohesion! and thus the hello panda is ours!

And to elaine's group's disappointment, they couldn't get the other box of hello panda. im so sorry but ours were gone before i don't know what. Actually, I wanted to put the picture of PANDARINE here but i realised the people who have his pictures are not online or have not sent me the pictures of him. He is so cute! i have been showing him to everyone i know. hahaha. But i left him in school today. I hope he is still there.

okay. i have been blabbing for quite a while. but i dono what to write. can somebody other than me, huiqi and those who blogged before come here and blog? then we will have something interesting to read! hahaha people stop mugging for a while! blogging doesn't take that long! :D

Anyway, I actually wanted to talk about what shows I am watching now but i think it is going to take another post to do that. So, i have decided to stop here.

okay i think this post took me a while to post cause i was busy looking at stuff about Gossip Girl. It's a nice show to watch by the way. :D and i shall end off with what gossip girl always end off with.

You know you love me.
xoxo, Gossip Girl

9:40 PM