Saturday, August 2, 2008,


Eh did anyone receive the following sms:

"Hi all, this is Ms Teo your PE teacher. We have identified some student tat have to attend fitness management course next week during PE. Please report to the SALT center gym, you dont follow your class. Attendance will be taken there."

And tho we don't've PE next week..

"Hum, your might be postponed to another week then. Will keep u posted."

And if you wonder what on earth fitness management course is..

"its an education programme to help students make better choices in terms of fitness."

Come come come! Come join me in TAF club! We'll hydrolyse triglycerides tgther!-.- Hahaha.

But tmd lah, damn sian diao, I wanna play games lehh.:/ Grr.

Heavy Hxxxx (alliteration haha)

3:41 PM