Sunday, September 7, 2008,


Here're the details for FOS:

Games Format
The competitions will be run on an inter-CT basis. The participating CTs will accumulate points for their respective Faculty. The Faculty that accumulates the most number of points will be the Champion Faculty.

  1. Boys Field Soccer (7+2)
  2. Boys Basketball (5+3)
  3. Girls Street Soccer (4+1)
  4. Girls Street Basketball (3+2)
  5. Girls Street Netball (4+2)
  6. Mixed Floorball (2 boys 2 girls +2 boy 2 girl reserves)
  7. Mixed Volleyball (3 boys 3 girls +1 boy 1 girl reserves)
  8. Mixed Frisbee (3 boys 3 girls + 2 boy 2 girl reserves)

Each CT is allowed to register ONE team for each game. Each student is allowed to take part in ONE game only. Student can only represent his/her own CT.

Choose a game that you're interested in and tell me! Get people to join with you! The more the merrier!(: And due to the fact that we don't've many guys in class, I think we should pool our resources together and take part in the mixed games..(: But of course the girls can take part in all the games lah.(: Haha.

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