Sunday, October 12, 2008,

Hello people!

Please pass me any MCs/ parent's letter asap so that MrTeh/MsNg/ MrsYap can finalise our attendance records for this year.

Here's the schedule for this week. If there're any mistakes, please help me edit yeah? Thanks!(:

Schedule for 13Oct, Mon
0750-0900: Student forum (Audi)
0900-0930: Break
0930-1100: PW (A412)

Schedule for 14Oct, Tues
0750-0930: PW (A412)
0930-1200: Return of Chemistry Paper (Audi)

Schedule for 15Oct, Wed
0750-0900: Break
0900-1030: Return of GP Paper 2 (Audi)
1030-1200: Formal ceremony & lecture for unveiling of LKC statue (Report at clock tower audi) 1230-1400: PW (A412)

Schedule for 16Oct, Thurs
0750-0930: PW (A412)
0930-1100: Break
1100-1330: Return of Math Paper & Lecture#1 (Audi)

Schedule for 17Oct, Fri
0750-0930: PW (A412)
0930-1100: Break
1100-1230: Return of GP Paper 1 (LT4)

2:29 PM