Sunday, October 19, 2008,

Hello people!

Here's the schedule for this week. If there're any mistakes, please help me edit yeah? Thanks!(:

20 October Monday

7.50-9.30 Return of H2 Biology Audi

11.30-1 PW lesson A412

1.30-2.30 Return of H1 Chinese AVT

21 October Tuesday

7.50-9.00 Return of H2 Economics (according to normal lecture groupings) LT2,LT3, & Audi

9.00-10.00 Econs, meeting of selected students

10.00-11.30 PW lesson A412

1.30-3.00 H1 Chinese lecture LT1

22 October Wednesday

7.50-9.30 Biology Mock Spa Skill A LT3

11.30-12.30 CT session E201

12.30-2.00 H2 Maths lecture erm normal venue

2.00-3.30 PW lesson A412

23 October Thursday

7.50-9.30 PW lesson A412

9.30-11.00 H1 Chinese Lecture LT1

12.30-2.30 Econs Lecture erm old place

3.00-4.00 H2 econs lecture again

24 October Friday

7.50-9.30 PW lesson A412

12.00-1.30 H1 Chinese lecture LT1

12:19 AM