Sunday, October 26, 2008,

Hello class! i went to scream just now and i feel like expressing my thoughts although its not a class thing!

i realised that none of our class people went for scream except me and penny and of course elaine who is mending the booth.

why! hahaha it is quite fun you know! our class should be more enthusiatic in school activities!

come on where is your school spirit everyone!

okay but now scream is over so i should not say anything more.

so to show that you all have school spirit, let's all go for ares fac outing! AHHH! hahaha

come on! it will be so fun! it will be better than staying at home and rot! and OP is just over we must go celebrate! :D

so go for AHHH! , k! :D

yayyyayayay! oh other than school spirit also must have class spirit so please go for class chalet and whatever class outing k! :D


12:07 AM