Thursday, January 31, 2008,

Wah, CNY's just round the corner and we've got LOADS to do people, so we need to get down to work REAL SOON!O: Gong Xi Fa Cai man.-.- Haha!

Deadline: 5Feb (tues), 4pm
Hm, our banner's pretty simple. But being abstract people, we've crapped some meaning out of the painting, so it's gonna be cool man. Hehe!XP Try to stay back tmw (1Feb) and Mon (4Feb) to help out yeah?(:

Judging: 5Feb(tues), 3pm
Here're the following deco items that we'll be making:

  • Angpow fish - Penny & Shihui
  • Angpow cranes - Kaiyun & Joelynn
  • Angpow lanterns X 2 - Steffi
Okay, we'll be decorating both CT benches.

First bench
Drape our CT flag over the bench. Then place CNY goodies on the bench.. Haha! Good for greedy people like me lah.. But still, anyone with a better idea?(:

Second bench
We'll be "converting" it into a mahjong table. We'll be painting the mahjong tiles and all on the mahjong paper. Haha. PAK'll be in charge of that!(: Go LEBBIT! Heehee.XP

Hm, maybe we can hide a fake rat somewhere or let it dangle down from the ceiling or sth? HAHA!O:

Okay, our proposal has been approved. We've three choices - brownies, muahchee or song dedication. I was thinking the first two'd be better? Cause maybe we can bond while making those stuff or sth. Haha!
Since I've asked you guys about baking and all today, you should know that we'll've 20 ppl do the baking while the other 6'll come up with the advertising campaign.
But Joelynn says the seniors said that we can earn more if we sell muahchee/ ice-cream. So I'll go check out how we can make muahchee first before we come to a decision?
I'll get back to you guys asap.(:

Finalised details'll be up REAL SOON, I promise!(:

8:27 PM

Wednesday, January 30, 2008,

hahaha i know im supposed to be doing ILP, but i was bored.

anyway, im here to ask for photos! :D those who have photos of the class please send to me! so i can upload up here or you all can just upload yourselves too! :D (especially Juat!)

okay i got nothing to say. just wanted to write sth so that the blog doesnt look that empty!

OHYAH! just to inform everybody! WE HAVE A CLASS BIRTHDAY! :D

its on 7th APRIL! cause 7A! hahahah. Its a Monday, maybe we can celebrate it on sun or sth! :D YAY! LOVE CELEBRATIONS! :D

okay i think i better go back and do ILP, if not my group is going to kill me!

cheers, YUJIE

P.S. i just created a photobucket account for the class to upload photos! the username and pwd is the same. Just go in whenever you like and upload MANY MANY photos! :D

8:37 PM

Tuesday, January 29, 2008,

HELLO 08s7a!

This layout will be our current layout until we can find a layout better or someone who can design nice layouts :D

Everything in the blog is just the basic. If any of you wants to add anything to the blog please feel free to do so! :D

okay. that's all for today. i shall end off with our first 2 class photos and a photo that i koped from Evelyn's blog of us and seniors! :D


8:15 PM

Sunday, January 27, 2008,

Hey guys!

Saw a few other Ares CTs as well as the senior class having pretty cool blogs, so I thought maybe we should've one as well. Haha!O: Alright, this blog's currently not as pro lah, but give it some time, we'll come up with something better!(: Yay.

Anyways, hope you guys had fun today during STJ!(:
Let's've our JTS real soon! Yay!

<3, Huiqi

11:40 PM