Wednesday, June 4, 2008,


Everyone must be mugging now lah..:/ Argh damn the blocks! Haha!

But still, have fun and enjoy life, people! It's the hols man!XP Have a break, have a kit-kat!-.- HAHA.

Okay, I know mugging's important. But do take care of yourselves alright?(:

#01. Don't go schizo!

So is he a vampire..

Or is he an angel..?


#02. Don't wet your pants!

Tsktsk! Look at the colour gradient!O: Haha!

#03. Keep straight!
Do you see the douBle Image? Tsktsk, this dude must have been moving his head around a lot when I was trying to take a shot. Can't you keep straight for a sec? Haha!

#04. Don't go hungry!

I know! This's called 狼吞虎咽. Man, laoshi's gonna be super proud of me now that I'm actually using an idiom, haha! Give me 6 for oral. Tsktsk lah!O: My chinese's zai loh.XP Heehee.

#05. Don't die!

Diagnosis: Exhaustion:/
Virus: The red logo at the back of the shirt. HAHA!
Treatment: Idk.
#06. Keep exercising!

Even the butt jerk during mass dance's a good form of exercise too!XP Haha!

Note: I seriously mean no offence to anybody up there!
Just hope to liven things up a lil!(:
Jiayou for studying but have fun too lah people! Take a chill pill; it's the HOLIDAYS!XP Yayeee!

7:21 PM