Saturday, August 23, 2008,

I believe everyone is looking forward to a class chalet during the holidays, so i have created this poll. Do vote for which chalet u prefer so that booking can be done. Any other suggestions are welcomed! =)

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008,


im here to revive the blog AGAIN.
okay, today was an okay day.

I am happy as my group has won the debate for our motion! due to my good common sense of absorbing bryan into our group, as he along with sara and the rest of us (bella, xiuqi, laypeng and of course me!) have good dynamics and worked as a group (hahaha, i think we discussed it for like 5 minutes?) and mrs tan says we have cohesion! and thus the hello panda is ours!

And to elaine's group's disappointment, they couldn't get the other box of hello panda. im so sorry but ours were gone before i don't know what. Actually, I wanted to put the picture of PANDARINE here but i realised the people who have his pictures are not online or have not sent me the pictures of him. He is so cute! i have been showing him to everyone i know. hahaha. But i left him in school today. I hope he is still there.

okay. i have been blabbing for quite a while. but i dono what to write. can somebody other than me, huiqi and those who blogged before come here and blog? then we will have something interesting to read! hahaha people stop mugging for a while! blogging doesn't take that long! :D

Anyway, I actually wanted to talk about what shows I am watching now but i think it is going to take another post to do that. So, i have decided to stop here.

okay i think this post took me a while to post cause i was busy looking at stuff about Gossip Girl. It's a nice show to watch by the way. :D and i shall end off with what gossip girl always end off with.

You know you love me.
xoxo, Gossip Girl

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Sunday, August 10, 2008,

Hello people!

Tho we didn't get into The Red Knight, I must thank all those who have put in effort for the audition in one way or another. Here's the video, sit back relax and enjoy!(:

(P.S Steffi, Shihuan, Yihang, Zonking, Joelynn, please don't kill me. It's uhm uhm.. good publicity for yall!O: Hehe. Oh and pardon me for my shaky hands, tsktsk haha.:/)

Our class really has many talented singers lah! Should go form a band or sth, haha!xp

And I know that many of you're eagerly waiting to visit Mrs Yap and her baby at her house, but people be patient okay! Hahaha. Mrs Yap says that we can go to her house sometime nearer to the last day of school this term or during the sept hols. Also, she'll go to sch sometime after one month, so we can meet up with her then.(:

Sighs, tmw's like the last day of our not-exactly-very-long break. So people, enjoy!(: Hehe.

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Friday, August 8, 2008,

Hello! Yo!

This is my "first" post in class blog bcoz someone apparently deleted my real first post the other time. Lol :p

Hmmm.... I took these pics the other time during the ACRES fundraising :) Don't know, but at that moment I actually felt that we had class spirit, haha :D

I think we should go visit Mrs Yap soon :) Before promos loom nearer & nearer >.<

Cheers! Steffi :)

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008,

hey more songs. (i tink i flodding the blog lol)

是你变了吗 - 无印良品

我们的纪念日 - 范玮琪

落叶归根 - 王立宏

Kiss Goodbye - 王立宏

梁靜茹 - 分手快樂

梁靜茹 - 無條件為你

梁靜茹 - 可惜不是你

愛我還是他 - 陶吉吉

曹格 - 背叛

聽說愛情回來過 - 楊宗緯

新不了情 - 萬芳

新不了情 - 蕭敬騰

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hey hey i like these songs:) ~from artemis

爱得正好 - 苏永康,陈洁仪

你最珍贵 - 张学友,高慧君

想见你 - 无印良品

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祝你一路順風. 不要留恋,继续走下去。离别,也许是解脱,对我们都好。

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008,

What striking resemblance...Scary...haahahhaha

Wheeeeee! XD

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Monday, August 4, 2008,

ello all!

Haven been bloggin for quite some time le, and our blog is dying... but ah ha our dajie did her job and revamp the blog! Now it looks cute and nice! Thanks dajie! and do blog more ppl=)

Anyway shall post up some photos taken sometime ago. Enjoy!

OCS Trip
oh my our enthu soldier!
Recent Bdae celebration

our chinese lesson...

That is all for now, back to work!

=) =) =)

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Saturday, August 2, 2008,


As a very good and responsible IT rep, i have decided to change the blogskin which was like damn old and sian alr.

now this blogskin so cute right! :D i bet you all all think i have good taste! i thank you all in advance! ;D :P

hahahahahha! im so thick skinned!

anyway, our blog really is dying! where is the spirit of blogging?!

okay anyway chem lecture test is coming so good luck to all of you although i need the good luck more. (you all are all so clever and hardworking!) carry on with your work and try and blog more k! :D

Love, IT REP!

10:34 PM


Eh did anyone receive the following sms:

"Hi all, this is Ms Teo your PE teacher. We have identified some student tat have to attend fitness management course next week during PE. Please report to the SALT center gym, you dont follow your class. Attendance will be taken there."

And tho we don't've PE next week..

"Hum, your might be postponed to another week then. Will keep u posted."

And if you wonder what on earth fitness management course is..

"its an education programme to help students make better choices in terms of fitness."

Come come come! Come join me in TAF club! We'll hydrolyse triglycerides tgther!-.- Hahaha.

But tmd lah, damn sian diao, I wanna play games lehh.:/ Grr.

Heavy Hxxxx (alliteration haha)

3:41 PM