Wednesday, September 17, 2008,

Hello people!

I know everyone's really caught up with revision and all.. But here's sth to take your mind off promos for a lil while!(:

I'm sure everyone's looking forward to the days after promos, like duh. Okay, so we're gonna have a class outing tgther okay! It'll be the day straight after promos, ie 4th Oct (Saturday), so keep yourself available for US!(: Hehe. I'm quite sure it won't be as sian/ unproductive as the other outings, and we must ALL try to have a successful outing lah okay.(:

And what's more? We're gonna've free refreshments. So basically, it's FOC. No money spent leh, not bad right?xp Hehe.

As we all know, early birds get the worms, so..

What time's it?

Where's it?
None other than our beloved HwaChong.

What're we gonna do?
Play games! (floorball, netball, vball in preparation for FOS)
We can conting playing for the whole day, or we can leave at 1300 and hang out at some other place! We'll decide again okay?(:

Who die die must come?
Those who're involved in FOS!
Of course you'll want the practice and not get thrashed on the day itself right?(:
Actually everyone!
Must give moral support mah. Hehe.

Okay, I know you're eager to go for this outing! But that's after promos, so yeah.. We've gotta snap outta this beautiful dream.): Booboo haha.


11:24 PM

Sunday, September 7, 2008,


Here're the details for FOS:

Games Format
The competitions will be run on an inter-CT basis. The participating CTs will accumulate points for their respective Faculty. The Faculty that accumulates the most number of points will be the Champion Faculty.

  1. Boys Field Soccer (7+2)
  2. Boys Basketball (5+3)
  3. Girls Street Soccer (4+1)
  4. Girls Street Basketball (3+2)
  5. Girls Street Netball (4+2)
  6. Mixed Floorball (2 boys 2 girls +2 boy 2 girl reserves)
  7. Mixed Volleyball (3 boys 3 girls +1 boy 1 girl reserves)
  8. Mixed Frisbee (3 boys 3 girls + 2 boy 2 girl reserves)

Each CT is allowed to register ONE team for each game. Each student is allowed to take part in ONE game only. Student can only represent his/her own CT.

Choose a game that you're interested in and tell me! Get people to join with you! The more the merrier!(: And due to the fact that we don't've many guys in class, I think we should pool our resources together and take part in the mixed games..(: But of course the girls can take part in all the games lah.(: Haha.

3:21 PM