Thursday, October 30, 2008,

hahaha im quite bored so i decided to post this video.

it is so funny and cute. you watch alr sure smile one!

8:16 PM


tomorrow, 31/10, is our class outing!

we will meet at around 10 at somerset mrt to watch the coffin!

the time is set so early is because just in case people late, which is a high possibility!

okay come come come people!

join in the fun. those people who got nothing on tomorrow just come! :D

8:02 PM

Sunday, October 26, 2008,

Hello class! i went to scream just now and i feel like expressing my thoughts although its not a class thing!

i realised that none of our class people went for scream except me and penny and of course elaine who is mending the booth.

why! hahaha it is quite fun you know! our class should be more enthusiatic in school activities!

come on where is your school spirit everyone!

okay but now scream is over so i should not say anything more.

so to show that you all have school spirit, let's all go for ares fac outing! AHHH! hahaha

come on! it will be so fun! it will be better than staying at home and rot! and OP is just over we must go celebrate! :D

so go for AHHH! , k! :D

yayyyayayay! oh other than school spirit also must have class spirit so please go for class chalet and whatever class outing k! :D


12:07 AM

Saturday, October 25, 2008,

YAYEEEE! Finally, the last week of school!(: Whoots.

Here's the schedule:

28Oct, Tues
0750-0930: PW (A412)
0930-11oo: Chinese Lecture (LT1)

0750-0900: CT Session (E203)
0900-1000: Principal's address

Jiayou for PW people!(: We shall all get our EEs! Hehe.

10:10 PM

Sunday, October 19, 2008,

HELLO everyone! I changed the blogskin again! It is so now full of imagination! as the theme of the blog says, "Let imagination take flight"

WOW! hahahaha. anyway I know everybody is chionging PW now. so Everyone JIAYOU! gogogo! let our imagination take flight and conquer PW! :D

4:16 PM

Hello people!

Here's the schedule for this week. If there're any mistakes, please help me edit yeah? Thanks!(:

20 October Monday

7.50-9.30 Return of H2 Biology Audi

11.30-1 PW lesson A412

1.30-2.30 Return of H1 Chinese AVT

21 October Tuesday

7.50-9.00 Return of H2 Economics (according to normal lecture groupings) LT2,LT3, & Audi

9.00-10.00 Econs, meeting of selected students

10.00-11.30 PW lesson A412

1.30-3.00 H1 Chinese lecture LT1

22 October Wednesday

7.50-9.30 Biology Mock Spa Skill A LT3

11.30-12.30 CT session E201

12.30-2.00 H2 Maths lecture erm normal venue

2.00-3.30 PW lesson A412

23 October Thursday

7.50-9.30 PW lesson A412

9.30-11.00 H1 Chinese Lecture LT1

12.30-2.30 Econs Lecture erm old place

3.00-4.00 H2 econs lecture again

24 October Friday

7.50-9.30 PW lesson A412

12.00-1.30 H1 Chinese lecture LT1

12:19 AM

Sunday, October 12, 2008,

Hello people!

Please pass me any MCs/ parent's letter asap so that MrTeh/MsNg/ MrsYap can finalise our attendance records for this year.

Here's the schedule for this week. If there're any mistakes, please help me edit yeah? Thanks!(:

Schedule for 13Oct, Mon
0750-0900: Student forum (Audi)
0900-0930: Break
0930-1100: PW (A412)

Schedule for 14Oct, Tues
0750-0930: PW (A412)
0930-1200: Return of Chemistry Paper (Audi)

Schedule for 15Oct, Wed
0750-0900: Break
0900-1030: Return of GP Paper 2 (Audi)
1030-1200: Formal ceremony & lecture for unveiling of LKC statue (Report at clock tower audi) 1230-1400: PW (A412)

Schedule for 16Oct, Thurs
0750-0930: PW (A412)
0930-1100: Break
1100-1330: Return of Math Paper & Lecture#1 (Audi)

Schedule for 17Oct, Fri
0750-0930: PW (A412)
0930-1100: Break
1100-1230: Return of GP Paper 1 (LT4)

2:29 PM

Friday, October 10, 2008,

Sorry for the lagginess >< i have to decide on a date on mon so meanwhile i shall post this poll thingy again. Btw, for chalet, according to the poll n my own survey XD we have:
(1) Downtown East
(2) Aloha loyang
(3) ECP

so we settle for one of them? any strong objections?

10:44 PM

Thursday, October 9, 2008,

Schedule for 10 Oct 2008

07 50-10 00 Preparation for Open house
10 00-16 00 Open House

Note!!! Tomorrow IS a normal school day. Atendence will be taken during flagraising as usual. So please turn up. Thank you

7:05 PM

Wednesday, October 8, 2008,

Schedule for 9Oct, Thurs

0750-0930: Spring cleaning (bring along a piece of rag)
0930-1100: PW mass lecture (in audi)
1100-1230: Break
1230 onwards: Preparation for C2 grad day, OH/ Free time for PW

12:59 PM