Saturday, November 29, 2008,

Hello! I've found a CIP event that we can go to!

Name of event: 2008 YMCA Flag Day

Organiser: YMCA of Singapore
Venue: Island-wide
Date: Wednesday, 10 December 2008
Time: Two shifts: 9:30am-3.30pm and 2pm-6.30pm

Appeal for volunteers and donations for 2008 YMCA Flag Day

YMCA of Singapore will hold its annual Flag Day on Wednesday, 10 December 2008, targeting to raise $60,000 to enrich the lives of the intellectually, mentally and physically challenged, out-of-school youth, youth-at-risk, under-privileged & abused children, the poor and elderly. 450 volunteers are needed for Flag Day and they will be stationed island-wide to sell flags.

Proceeds will go towards the YMCA Community Service Programmes, a series of 15 structured and sustained programmes aimed at enriching the lives of beneficiaries through activities, such as gardening, dancing, singing, arts and craft, outing, reading, nature walks and educational tours. YMCA serves more than 1,500 beneficiaries through the partnerships with 21 partner voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs). The donations will also be channelled to the YMCA Project Bridge programme, which works with out-of-school youth and youth-at-risk to help them integrate back into society and employment as well as YMCA FACES, a Financial Assistance & Capability for Employment Scheme. This programme involves providing employment opportunities for the special needs youth of APSM, apprenticeship scheme for Project Bridge youth and a financial assistance scheme for the needy.

How you can help:

a) Volunteer to sell flags from 9:30am to 3:30pm or 2:00pm to 6:30pm.

b) Adopt a tin can @ $50 for individuals

c) Adopt a tin can @ $500 for corporations

Donors may also send cheques payable to "YMCA of Singapore" and mail to ‘One Orchard Road, Singapore 238824’. All donations received are doubled tax exempted. Kindly include your name, address, IC number and ‘YMCA Flag Day 2008’ on the overleaf of the cheque to receive an official acknowledgement.

The five reporting centres are YMCA of Singapore, Ang Mo Kio MRT station, Woodlands MRT station, Jurong East MRT station and Bedok Central (open area at Block 209). To sign up, please call Kelvin Lim at 6586 2343 or email to by 5 December 2008. For more information, please log on to the website at

Haha okay, so I propose that we all hit the streets and take part in this flag day!(: As there're five reporting centres, I think we standardise and report to the one at AMK, and take the 0930 to 1530 session? Then we can go for dinner together or something. If you're interested, tell me online or drop me a mail by 4Dec, with your IC and contact number. I'll collate and mail the guy. Thanks!(:

1:00 PM

Tuesday, November 18, 2008,

Hello people!

Was just toying with the idea of having a Class CIP thingy.. What do you guys think of it? Haha.
Throw in any suggestions as to what we can do and all!(:
If we're really doing it, it'll most prolly be during our hols. A good reason for us to meet up as a class as well haha.

Ohoh and hope most of you can turn up for the chalet! We can've a post christmas party (and celebrate the Dec babies' birthdaysxp hehe)! Must try your very best to go hoh!(:

See you guys soon!

10:53 PM

Sunday, November 16, 2008,

If you missed Casino Royale and dunno what the heck is happening in Quantum of Solace, check this out! :)))

~ Huan

11:03 AM

Sunday, November 9, 2008,

Hi all!

Sorry for much delay >< Due to unforeseen circumstances, the chalet dates have to be changed. The suggested details are as follows:

Date : 27th Dec 2008 to 29th Dec 2008
Venue: East Coast Park Goldkist Chalet, Duplex delux (double storey 450 sq feet)

Any violent objections or those who cant make it pls tag. Thanks!


12:47 PM

Saturday, November 1, 2008,

Class Outing 31/10/08

Hmm.... Quite a nice class outing actually. But i am super broke now. :(
The movie "The coffin" was quite nice. Hahahaha. (although abit scary). Hehe... These are the pictures taken yesterday!!

Ooh, and also, Good luck for OP!

With love,
Shihui :D

5:45 PM