Thursday, December 11, 2008,

Meeting place: Outside Bugis Junction Macs (Level1, near the fountain)
Meeting time: 1800
Seeya there!(:
P.S This's gonna be a SUCCESSFUL gathering! Whoots!(:

8:47 PM

Sunday, December 7, 2008,

nice song, damn emo <3

5:11 PM

Yoyo! Here's some scoop of Yu Rong's fan club in Cambodia :D

From left: Yu Rong, Amina (Fan #1), Maria (Fan #2), Jing Ying (Fan Club Manager), Chiva (Fan #3)

Heh, they even drew a fan club portrait. Haha, & apparently, they like Yu Rong bcoz of his hair :p

& one of his fans, Chiva, looks damn chio, can go be model next time. Here's a close-up!


12:30 AM

Friday, December 5, 2008,


Okay, so we've been talking about foodfoodandmoreFOOD!
Found three steamboat places. Not sure if they're good, so if y'know of any nice steamboat places, do tell us about them!(:

House of Steamboat
Place: Bugis
Opening hours: 1100 – 0000
Price: $17.90 (inclusive of free flow of drinks)

Chong Qing Hot Pot
Place: Tanglin Shopping Centre/ Suntec
Opening hours: 1200 – 1500, 1800 – 2300
Price: Not sure
Needs reservation

House de Steamboat
Place: Pasir Ris
Opening hours: 1730 – 2300 (closed on Mondays)
Price: $12

Tag here or tell me online or sms me the dates whereby you're FREE between 8 and 19Dec okay! 08s7A's gonna date YOU! You're WANTED. Okay lame, tsktsk hahaha!-.-

See you guys soon!

P.S WE NEED A SUCCESSFUL CLASS OUTING! ): Like have everyone turn up or something, hahaha!

3:38 PM