Wednesday, April 1, 2009,

What is april's fool without some tickles, fun and laughter?
Here are some animal-inspired pictures that will make you grin! feel free to laugh out laugh! =)

oof! awwman~ someone help! i can't reach that itch on my butt.

try beating me in being picture purr~fect!

now... which one should i choose for my tail extension?

HAH. told ya i could fit in here! now, how do i get out???

hate sluggish mornings. someone, pull me up please?

not again!!!

which part of shut up did you not understand?!

hey! pick on someone YOUR size!! return me my ball!!!

huff puff! morning runs are just so not my thing.

BLEHHHHH! pardon me, had a drop too much last night.

if i lay still enough, would they take me to the chio vet's place tonight?

sorry mum, i'm still new at this.

ahem, spot the pairs. HINT: there are 2.

all in the name of fun!!! =)
cheers, Jolene

4:04 PM