Monday, April 27, 2009,

Hello! Since the class blog is so dead, I shall start doing my publicity for Bike Hike again!! :D

Hehe, the following message is actually kop-ed from the spammage I left in the juniors blog :p

HELLO class! Are you guys interested in challenging yourself to a 100km overnight cycling expedition? ((: We're thinking of forming a S7A expedition team (; Currently, ppl who're going incl Juat, Jolene, Yu Tung, Yu Rong, Shi Huan & me. We need abt 5 to 6 more people to form one S7A team. Bryan & Sara will be going too if we can form the team. Gogogo! It'll be good class bonding! :D & we’re actually doing it as part of a SYOG initiative. It's on the first Sat of the Jun hols. More info can be found on the HC Unite blog
. Hurry hor, deadline coming soon~

YI HANG, go lah!
DOM, go lah!
Kai Yun & Elaine, you all should go too (:


6:52 PM